#7 Becky Davis

Becky Davis: I work across media, collecting images, documents, and oral narratives. This collection of evidence is combined with my own interpretation and response, creating a new history and personal geography.

Using collage, image transfer, and painting techniques, I construct narratives of memory that merge time and space. I memorialize personal experience and family histories that explore the reciprocal relationships between environment and inhabitant. These handmade objects become monuments of duality: past and present, as well as, memory and recorded history.

My “Memory Map” series uses collage, image transfer, and painting techniques to document specific areas of my grandmother’s backyard and how they have changed over time. “Bubba and the Playhouse” tells the story of a hill that was once the site of my childhood playhouse. Later it became the home to a fish named Bubba and playground to my son.

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Title: Bubba and the Playhouse. Date: 2016. Format/Materials: mixed media. Dimensions: 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm. Picture Credit: Becky Davis.


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