#20 Kathryn Jill Johnson


Kathryn Jill Johnson: I am the worst sort of detective. I just like to pile up clues and rearrange them into melancholic jokes, farcical calamities and occasional moments of grace. The way we travel, who shows up, the near misses and the head on collisions, are what make and unmake us. These little stories are the moment before a divination— the tea leaves have settled, the allomancer has flung the salt; the bones have clattered to the ground. But the signs don’t point to the future, they are this moment right here: a sort of prophecy of the present.

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Title: The Cult of Personality. Date: 2016. Format/Materials: Graphite, Acrylic and Oil on Panel. Dimensions: 24 X 24 inches. Picture Credit: Charles Patty.


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