#25 Georgie White

Henry Martin: Does your work come from the head or the heart?

Georgie White: Both, but you have to always lead with the heart. If you let your head take over too much then you won’t be genuine to your work and your practice. You shouldn’t do what you think others will want to see, it needs to be something you truly believe in.

Henry Martin: If you could meet one other artist who would it be (living or dead)?

Georgie White: Frida (Kahlo) is the first artist that comes to mind. I think she would be so interesting to talk to, and have a wicked sense of humour. Despite everything she had been through she was determined to paint, and that is a beautifully inspiring thing!

Henry Martin: Agnes Martin said, “We think we are very mundane, but we are all capable of fugues.” Respond.

Georgie White: When we least expect to have a creative idea something happens. We get our best ideas when we are relaxed, doing the day-today: cooking, folding clothes, walking the dog. And why? Because we can’t force creativity. It has to have freedom to flow around our bodies, to get our blood racing and our heart pulsing! We need to allow ourselves to be creative, never force it, let it breathe and nurture it.


Title: Clown Time, Fizzie Lizzie, Box of Tricks. Size: 9.7 x 42.0cm unframed – Edition of 25. Credit. Artist.



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