#31 Sarah Slavick

Sarah Slavick: My paintings are abstracted interiors of the body made of cells, neurons, blood, milk, veins, wounds, and sutures. They are the stuff of regeneration, of connection, of disease and ultimately of recovery. The visual formal language is one of abstract evocations rather than depictions, but derives from and is inspired by celebrations and lamentations of the social and physical experiences of humanity. The beauty of painting is that it can communicate profoundly and may reflect upon human history. While my paintings are informed by such tragedies as AIDS and joyous events like birth, I do not desire or aim for any specific reading or interpretation.  Instead, the works offer multiple possibilities.

While my work is abstract, I reference nature visually and conceptually. In past works, I referenced cell biology, accretion of geological formations, botanical structures and the taxonomy of the natural world. With climate change an ever pressing concern, rising seas, water scarcity, extreme weather patterns becoming the norm and ocean pollution, in Water and others, I find myself looking to the vast expanses of water as a source for my most recent series.


Title: Wave. Date: 2015. Dimensions: 24 X 24 inches. Materials: Oil on Canvas.


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