#32 Mary Robinson

Mary Robinson: One of my formative experiences as an artist was playing in the woods as a child on Signal Mountain, near Chattanooga, Tennessee. I was, and still am, awed by both the beautiful and the grotesque in nature. In my art, I explore the experience of being human as part of– rather than separate from– nature. I often address the relationship between the corporeal and the spiritual, and the connections among humans, and between humans and other living beings.

I am deeply inspired by natural forms, especially tree roots, tangled vines and human arteries. I observe complex patterns of flowing, twisting fibers, and nature’s mode of creating variety within repetition. I use similar forms in my mixed media drawings and prints to express the mix of awe, reverence and anxiety I feel living on Earth in the Twenty-First Century. Night Walks specifically is based on regular walks at the Congaree National Park in South Carolina.

This work was included in the exhibition Independent Spirits: Women Artists of South Carolina, at the Columbia Museum of Art (Columbia, SC) in conjunction with a major exhibition of Georgia O’Keeffe’s work.


Title: Night Walks. Date: 2012. Format/Materials: pastel, ink, gesso and collage on paper. Dimensions: 33 x 41 inches. Picture Credit: Artist.


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