#37 Elisabeth Condon

Henry Martin: What does it mean to change?

Elisabeth Condon: To travel.

Henry Martin: What is your favourite art work?

Elisabeth Condon: Velasquez’s Las Meninas.

Henry Martin: Should an artist be in the world, looking out, or outside the world, looking in?

Elisabeth Condon: Both.

Henry Martin: What is inspiration? How do you find it?

Elisabeth Condon: It finds you when you are no longer there.

Henry Martin: How do you work?

Elisabeth Condon: On the floor, then on the wall.

Henry Martin: What does the word gender mean to you within your practice?

Elisabeth Condon: Freedom to open what is otherwise constrained.

Henry Martin: Who do you admire, and why?

Elisabeth Condon: All who continue.

Henry Martin: Agnes Martin said, “We think we are very mundane, but we are all capable of fugues.” Respond.

Elisabeth Condon: We live in our bodies most of the time, but sometimes forget and leap into the air.

Henry Martin: What, if any, responsibility, do you feel as an artist, in what way, or toward whom?

Elisabeth Condon: Meeting the clarity of spirit in the greatest artworks with my own.

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Title: Secret Understory. Date: 2017. Format/Materials: Acrylic, Chinese ink on linen. Dimensions: 30 x 47 inches. Picture Credit: Jason Mandella


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