#39 Heidi Specker

Henry Martin: Described by Deutsche Bank’s Art Mag as one of the most important German photographers working today, Heidi Specker’s diverse career as a photographer has seen her capture the beauty and brutality of concrete architecture, as well as the poetic patterns created by nature within this urban backdrop. Gunta Stölzl, a recent work, showcases Specker’s latter approach, in this instance juxtaposing the organic against a design by Stölzl, the eponymous Bauhaus textile designer. Featured in her 2017 exhibition at the Mies van der Rohe Hause (or Landhaus Lemke), Specker’s “portrait” of Stölzl, one of the few female masters of the Bauhaus, is a pleasant and corrective measure to place the designer’s work center of attention, stepping away from the shadow of her male counterparts — much like Specker herself.

Website, Instagram, A profile of the artist,

Title:Gunta Stölzl. Date: 2017. Format/Materials: Archival Fine Art Print. Dimensions:135 x 90 cm. Picture Credit: Heidi Specker.


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