#52 Sian Dorman

Henry Martin: Does your work come from the head or the heart?
Sian Dorman: My work is a combination of thinking process, analysis and creation.
Initially when I obtain a fresh brief I begin to do the research, within this topic I feel inspired, passionate and excited about putting my all into the project. In actuality the motivation is continued in the activity of the making process, this and the research
combined are the elements which come from the heart which is probably about 80% and the actual thinking about it is very limited to about 20%.


Henry Martin: What does it mean to change?
Sian Dorman: Change is a very important part of being an Artist or Designer, we need to be able to adapt, grow and develop our styles and techniques to meet the requirements of a brief or commission. I’m fascinated by incorporating change by upcycling waste materials into new art pieces or costume designs. I feel that the young people of today (approximately age 12+) are more resourceful and therefore open to change for the better of our planet. The interest in vintage and second hand fashion trends are higher than ever before. I don’t feel that people have ever been so acceptable to the concept of re-using. I believe that more young creatives and also consumers are considering the importance of sustainable development which in the long term will reduce the amount of waste in landfill. People are thinking about where their products are coming from and how they were made. Mainstream media have highlighted the human and environmental issues in regard to our manufacturing of products, especially in fashion.

Henry Martin: What is inspiration? How do you find it?
Sian Dorman: Inspiration is the excitement, drive and motivation for every project.

Henry Martin: If you could meet one other artist who would it be (living or dead)?
Sian Dorman: If I was able to meet just one person, I think it would have to be Iris Van Herpen. I have admired her wearable art pieces since 2007 or so. She is amazing and comes up with incredible forward thinking ideas. I love everything she’s released! I love the use of both modern technologies such as 3D printing and laser cutting with traditional techniques and materials. Her use of line, form and pattern are astounding.

Henry Martin: What, if any, responsibility, do you feel as an artist, in what way,
or toward whom?

Sian Dorman: I was brought up very well on what little my parents had, and they did a good job. They taught me that you have to make the most from what you have and appreciate everything you’ve been given and not to waste. From this I learnt to see other uses in items and consumables that others might not. As a child I loved the programmes,
‘Art Attack’ and ‘Blue Peter’, and I always made sure to collect and reuse household waste, toilet roll tubes, cereal boxes, plastic wrap to make things from. My Dad was always there to help me craft and my Mum regularly took me to cultural events, art shows and museums to inspire me.

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Title: Invasion of Space Sculpture. Date: April 2016. Format/Materials: Recycled plastic carrier bags and stitching. Dimensions: 15cm x 100cm. Picture Credit: Josh Barnett


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