#54 Leah Gauthier



Henry Martin: American artist Leah Gauthier makes wild inspired, threaded paintings and living sculpture, as well as often edible community building relational works exploring sustainability, food security and climate change.  She has said, ” I grew up on a river bank in Northwest Indiana, drawing, painting, chasing fireflies, collecting healing plants, and watching snapping turtle lay their eggs every spring, until they didn’t anymore, because industrial waste from a nearby factory damaged our habitat.” This sort of fragile and complicated interrelationship with the wild world has been a lifelong fascination. Her pieces are at once deep meditations on the present moment and her imaginings around our quickly shifting landscapes.

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Title: Some Bring Gifts (2456901.927083). Dimensions: 12″ x variable. Date: 2014. Materials: Wool yarn, urchin shell, dried chive flowers, green glass, live potato

Title: Some Bring Gifts (2456902.131944). Dimensions: 10″ x variable. Date: 2014. Materials: Sweet potato, water, drinking glass, straight pins, felt, embroidery thread



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