#56 Naomi Vona

Henry Martin: What is the greatest challenge you face as an artist?

Naomi Vona: I think that trying to keep myself focused and motivated it could be a challenge sometimes. You just have to truly believe that what you do is useful for yourself. And it’s vital for your creative process too. So, stay focused and keep the dream alive.

Henry Martin: What is inspiration? How do you find it?

Naomi Vona: All my works are directly inspired from my personal life experience. I like to create double meanings, play with words and I love to quote songs, books or movies that I love. Lots of my artworks are titled and directly inspired to them. As I use to say, every piece is composed of three elements: my life background, my inspirations and subconscious, that is also the glue that puts all together.

Henry Martin: Should an artist be in the world, looking out, or outside the world, looking in?

Naomi Vona: We are not aliens, we are part of the world. We are able to observe it from a very personal point of view. We digest a lot of crap and then switch it into something beautiful.

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Title: Teachers Leave Them Kids Alone. Date: 2017. Format/Materials: Pens, stickers and washi tape on vintage photo. Dimensions: 25.7 x  20.3 cm. Picture Credit: Naomi Vona


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