#69 Reni Gower

Reni Gower: Since ancient times geometric perfection (circle, square, and triangle) has been thought to convey sacred and universal truths by reflecting the fractal interconnections of the natural world.  One finds these similarities across cultures embedded in many diverse ethnic patterns. Incorporating these patterns into works of art promotes access through recognition and commonality creates a connections.   Given our troubled times, my work speaks to the shared legacy between the West and the Middle East with hope and optimism and it is a perfect conduit for conversations embracing cultural diversity.

Inspired by sacred geometry, I create interlocking stencils based upon Celtic knotwork and Islamic ornamental tiles.  For my papercuts, the stencils are traced and hand cut into a single sheet of paper.   Using only a box cutter, I work slowly to create art that counters visual skimming and validates the redemptive significance of work made by hand.  Celebrating beauty and handicraft, my art is an intimate and poignant reflection on shared cultural values and perspectives.


Title: SmPapercuts 6: White/multi. Media: Acrylic on hand cut paper. Date: 2016. Size. 86′ x 56 inches. Credit. Reni Gower.


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