#70 Lucinda Rogers

Henry Martin: What is your favourite art work? 

Lucinda Rogers: One of my favourites is Goya’s Asmodea or Fantastic Vision.

Henry Martin: Should an artist be in the world, looking out, or outside the world, looking in? 

Lucinda Rogers: It depends what is meant by the world. The question evokes the feeling of finding yourself between the two. Outside is the natural place, but being inside allows you to examine the detail.

Henry Martin: How do you work?

Lucinda Rogers: I work by drawing on the spot, directly from life, outside or inside, in the street or any place. Often I see something fleetingly and think it would make a good subject. A drawing may take four to twelve hours.


Lucinda Rogers: On Gentrification runs at House of Illustration, London until March 25th, 2018.

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Title: Eugene at North Eastern Motors. Date: 2002. Format materials: Ink, crayon, watercolour and gouache on paper. Dimensions: 65 x 75 cms.

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