#84 Katie Hayward


Kent-based artist Katie Hayward explores issues of scale, unpredictability and the fragility of desires in her work. Using primarily drawing, collage, ceramics and inflatables she examines human nature, the human body, altered scale and illusion. She graduated from Newcastle University in 2013 and has since gone on to take part in various residential programs in Kent and Stoke-on-Trent and is involved in an Artistic Research project called Topographies of the Obsolete and Collaborative Group called PaperWorks. She had her first solo show in 2013 and has exhibited in multiple group shows in the UK and abroad, including Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014.

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Featured: Title: Wind Powered. Date: 2014. Format/Materials: Inflatable, Sewn Ripstop Nylon, Metal. Dimensions: 5.5mx5m. Picture Credit: Katie Hayward

Left: Title: Pillars. Date: 2013. Format/Materials: Inflatable, Sewn Dustsheet Plastic, Metal, Fans. Dimensions: 1.5mx4m. Picture Credit: Courtesy New Contemporaries, photo by Andy Keate

Right: Title: Thought (Part of Thoughts Series). Date: 2013. Format/Materials: Watercolour, Pencil. Dimensions: 27.5cmx 21cm. Picture Credit: Katie Hayward


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