#98 Soojin Kang

Soojin Kang: Growth is an installation of commissioned works for Unit9, London. The sculptures combine a formal study in negative space with an instinctive urge to create. Likening the surfaces of the works to scars on the body, I was interested in expressing character through the elevation of material through process.

Henry Martin: Does your work come from the head or the heart? 

Soojin Kang: My work is born in my heart and growing in my head.

Henry Martin: What is inspiration? How do you find it? 

Soojin Kang: Inspiration is a feeling or an idea that triggers me to imagine and create things. My inspiration derives from the origins of natural fibres and yarns that I search for during my travels.

Henry Martin: Who do you admire, and why?

Soojin Kang: I admire people who are in love with their life. 

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Title: Growth. Date: 2017. Format/ Materials: Silk, jute, cotton, linen and wire. Photographs: Copyright, Soojin Kang.


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