#9 Mia Halton

Mia Halton: Using humor and metaphor I visually describe the vagaries and challenges of being human. I work quickly and with a sense of urgency. When I draw onto paper or scratch into clay I’m trying to make sense of the world, one figure at a time. They’re symbolic, players in a larger story. I use a cartoon-like style, reminiscent of children’s drawings. I don’t use a horizon line, specific light source, or other indication of time or place. The figures peer out at the viewer periodically but they inhabit their own world and follow their own rules.

I’m an observer of human behavior. What drives us? Why do we do what we do to ourselves and to others? What happens during the all-important encounters that continually occur? I usually begin with a concept in mind but will sometimes just start drawing. I choose topics that resonate for me and at the same time open up new ways of looking at social issues. I often work with repeated images. I’m looking for the nuance, an unexpected glance, or the subtle change that can take place from one to the next.

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Title: Women With Purpose. Date: 2016. Format/Materials: Red Earthenware Clay with Majolica glaze and underglaze. Dimensions: each approx. 7 x 8 x 3 inches. Picture Credit: Joseph Hyde.


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