#35 Karen Schiff

Karen Schiff:

I hope that my work gives form to underlying, vital impulses.

Agnes Martin once told Alberto Girón that art comes from…

She had no words.

She brought her hands to her lower abdomen then thrust them forward, palms up.

What was in this gesture for her? Visceral power? “Vomiting” a deep conviction? Generative birthing?

For me, it suggests that artwork comes from the guts (kishkes, in Yiddish): from sensibilities ultimately beyond our understanding, and yet about all that we’ve understood; ruminating on the world we’ve taken in and digested, and ultimately exposing what we hope to give back to the world.

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Title: Untitled (Cosmic Field). Date: 2016. Format/Materials: graphite and charcoal on paper. Dimensions: 42 x 92 inches. Picture Credit: Karen Schiff


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