#92 Kaitlyn Hunter

Henry Martin: What, if any, responsibility, do you feel as an artist, in what way, or toward whom?

Kaitlyn Hunter: As an Artist I feel a responsibility to be honest in my work. Authenticity creates vulnerability and strength between viewers and the Artist. When people look at my work I want them to feel with me.

Henry Martin: What is your favorite art work?

Kaitlyn Hunter: My favorite artist is Louise Bourgeois.

Henry Martin: Does your work come from the head or the heart?

Kaitlyn Hunter: Both, Art takes time, skill and research. My work is also heavily influenced by personal narrative and social perceptions.

Henry Martin: If you could meet one other artist who would it be (living or dead)?

Kaitlyn Hunter: Performance Artist Marina Abramovic.

Henry Martin: What is the greatest challenge you face as an artist?

Kaitlyn Hunter: The balance of working full time, paying back students loans while maintaining a strong studio practice.

Henry Martin: What is inspiration? How do you find it?

Kaitlyn Hunter: Inspiration is creative research, reading, looking at other Artists and self reflection.

Henry Martin: What does the word gender mean to you within your practice?

Kaitlyn Hunter: All my work is about exploring different facets of my identity and how those intersect. Being fat, queer and a women all define how I navigate and am perceived by society.

Henry Martin: Who do you admire, and why?

Kaitlyn Hunter: I’m currently reading the book Hunger by Roxanne Gay. Her story is so compelling and speaks to me on a multitude of levels. She is someone I genuinely admire and draw strength from.

Kaitlyn Hunter recently graduated with a MFA from West Virginia University College of Creative Arts. If you want to contact the artist you can do so through this blog. 

Title: I’ll Show You a Gorgon. Date: 2016. Format/Materials: Mixed. Picture Credit: Lindsay Cook



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