#85 Adeline de Monseignat


Adeline de Monseignat: ‘L’Attesa’ was a site-specific solo project which nestled Penelope’s Wheel II at the heart of Exchiesetta, a small ex-church now gallery space by the Southern Italian coast. ‘Penelope’s Wheel II’ is an installation where the viewer is invited to contemplate the light emanating from 12 frosted glass globes or 12 ‘moons’ consecutively glowing one after the other emulating the passing of time. Nowadays, waiting is often symbolised by the computerised ‘spinning wheel’.  In the Odyssey, Penelope waited for Ulysses to come back home for 20 years, hence this piece being an homage to her virtue of patience and the themes of hope, frustration and faith.

Henry Martin: Does your work come from the head or the heart?

Adeline de Monseignat: Just like my mother used to say ‘make with your heart and check with your head’.

Henry Martin: What is the greatest challenge you face as an artist?

Adeline de Monseignat: To be ok with the thought that there will never be enough days in my life to give birth to all my crazy ideas.

Henry Martin: How do you work?

Adeline de Monseignat: The same way the lovers make love and the baker makes bread – with relentless patience and passion.


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Title: Penelope’s Wheel II. Date: 2017. Format/Materials: Powder coated steel, glass, LEDs and cables. Dimensions: 220 x 172 x 172cm. Picture Credit: Courtesy of Adeline de Monseignat and Ronchini Gallery.

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